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Ties & Scarves

Our custom ties and scarves come in a wide range of colours, styles and fabrics, so finding the perfect match for your company uniform has never been easier. With so many options to choose from, our customers use our custom ties and branded scarves across a wide spectrum of industries and professions. From cabin crew and hotel concierge, to bank clerks and security personnel, our ties and scarves can help complete a wide range of uniforms.

We stock a vast selection of quality ties in various styles. Choose between polyester and silk options, available in plain, striped, checked and other printed designs. Our corporate scarf range is equally diverse, with patterned, striped and plain designs available in a range of fabrics. Choose a lightweight chiffon neck scarf for a simple but elegant finish or opt for a clip on cravat to complete a corporate uniform.

Like the rest of our corporate clothing, all of our business scarves and ties can be customised to suit your company image. We carry out all of our printing and embroidery in-house so we can offer you the best quality at equally great prices. Whether you want to add a subtle logo or a more elaborate design, we will work with you to create custom ties or branded scarves that complement your brand and company uniforms. All of our corporate ties and scarves can also be ordered as they are.

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  1. Beechfield Suprafleece® Geneva Scarf
    BB290 Beechfield Suprafleece® Geneva Scarf
    From £2.93 From £4.10
  2. Beechfield Suprafleece® Dolomite Scarf
    BB291 Beechfield Suprafleece® Dolomite Scarf
    From £2.46 From £3.44
  3. Beechfield Classic Knitted Scarf
    BB470 Beechfield Classic Knitted Scarf
    From £3.79 From £5.30
  4. Beechfield Stadium Scarf
    BB479 Beechfield Stadium Scarf
    From £4.26 From £5.96
  5. Beechfield Cable Knit Melange Scarf
    BB499 Beechfield Cable Knit Melange Scarf
    From £7.90 From £11.06
  6. Beechfield Classic Woven Scarf
    BB500 Beechfield Classic Woven Scarf
    From £4.26 From £5.96
  7. Beechfield Morf® Original
    BB900 Beechfield Morf® Original
    From £1.60 From £1.84
  8. Beechfield Morf® Suprafleece®
    BB920 Beechfield Morf® Suprafleece®
    From £1.73 From £2.42
  9. Beechfield Morf® Micro Fleece
    BB930 Beechfield Morf® Micro Fleece
    From £2.19 From £3.06
  10. Premier Bow Tie
    PR705 Premier Bow Tie
    From £4.91 From £5.93
  11. Premier Clip on Tie
    PR710 Premier Clip on Tie
    From £4.84 From £5.84
  12. Premier Horizontal Stripe Tie
    PR722 Premier Horizontal Stripe Tie
    From £6.37 From £7.69
  13. Premier 'Colours' Scarf
    PR730 Premier 'Colours' Scarf
    From £6.50 From £9.10
  14. Premier 'Colours' Chiffon Scarf
    PR740 Premier 'Colours' Chiffon Scarf
    From £5.89 From £8.24
  15. Premier 'Colours' Satin Tie
    PR750 Premier 'Colours' Satin Tie
    From £6.01 From £7.26
  16. Premier 'Colours' Satin Clip Tie
    PR755 Premier 'Colours' Satin Clip Tie
    From £6.50 From £7.84
Filter Results

Items 1-16 of 33

Set Descending Direction