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Promotional Merchandise

Giving away branded products and merchandise can be a very effective form of marketing. To ensure its success, you need to make sure your promotional merchandise is well-made, durable and something your customers want to wear or use, and our promotional merchandise selection has been chosen with these qualities in mind. Our promotional merchandise is the perfect blend of affordable and desirable, making it perfect for exhibitions, giveaways and other events where you want to promote your brand. We know that your promotional merchandise needs to be something that potential customers really want to take away with them, which is why all of our products are made from high quality materials that look and feel great.

We offer a selection of promotional merchandise so you can find a product and style to suit your brand and appeal to your ideal customers. Our promotional clothing is a popular choice, and includes unisex polo shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. We also stock a range of promotional accessories, including caps, hats and bags, all of which offer a one size fits all solution. We can customise all of our promotional merchandise to fit your branding, either with a simple company logo or with a more eye-catching design of your choice. Our in-house printing and embroidery facilities help us to keep the cost of producing unique promotional merchandise down, so you can make your marketing budget go further without compromising on quality. Whether you’re looking for branded merchandise that you can have on hand at all times or customised products for a particular event, get in touch to find out more about our affordable promotional merchandise products.

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  1. SOL'S Unisex Surf Windbreaker Jacket
    32000 SOL'S Unisex Surf Windbreaker Jacket
    From £8.56 From £9.98
  2. SOL'S Rider Backpack
    70100 SOL'S Rider Backpack
    From £4.07 From £5.70
  3. SOL'S Urban Gymsac
    70600 SOL'S Urban Gymsac
    From £1.00 From £1.40
  4. SOL'S Plaid Fleece Blanket
    88105 SOL'S Plaid Fleece Blanket
    From £7.86 From £11.00
  5. SOL'S Buzz Cap
    88119 SOL'S Buzz Cap
    From £1.43 From £2.00
  6. Beechfield Ultimate 5 Panel Cap
    BB15 Beechfield Ultimate 5 Panel Cap
    From £2.39 From £3.34
  7. Beechfield Suprafleece® Geneva Scarf
    BB290 Beechfield Suprafleece® Geneva Scarf
    From £2.93 From £4.10
  8. Beechfield Suprafleece® Dolomite Scarf
    BB291 Beechfield Suprafleece® Dolomite Scarf
    From £2.46 From £3.44
  9. Beechfield Original Cuffed Beanie
    BB45 Beechfield Original Cuffed Beanie
    From £1.71 From £2.40
  10. Beechfield Fair Isle Snowstar® Beanie
    BB456 Beechfield Fair Isle Snowstar® Beanie
    From £3.06 From £3.40
  11. Beechfield Classic Knitted Scarf
    BB470 Beechfield Classic Knitted Scarf
    From £3.79 From £5.30
  12. Beechfield Stadium Beanie
    BB472 Beechfield Stadium Beanie
    From £2.64 From £3.70
  13. Beechfield Classic Woven Scarf
    BB500 Beechfield Classic Woven Scarf
    From £4.26 From £5.96
  14. Beechfield 5 Panel Contrast Snapback
    BB610C Beechfield 5 Panel Contrast Snapback
    From £2.39 From £3.34
  15. BagBase Premium Gymsac
    BG10 BagBase Premium Gymsac
    From £1.93 From £2.32
  16. BagBase Original Fashion Backpack
    BG125 BagBase Original Fashion Backpack
    From £7.24 From £10.14
Filter Results

Items 1-16 of 94

Set Descending Direction