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Suits & Business Wear

Create a professional and consistent appearance for your entire team with our range of suits and business wear. From timeless suits and separates to stylish collections, we offer a range of tailored clothing pieces to help you create the perfect uniform for your business. Whatever message you want to portray with your brand, our selection of suits and tailored business wear can help you achieve just the right look so that you make the first impression you want to.

Our corporate clothing for the office is made from the highest quality materials so it will last the test of time and still look highly professional for years to come. We stock a number of different styles, from contemporary cuts to classic fits, and everything in between. Choose between a wide range of corporate clothing for both men and women, or opt for a selection of complementary pieces and give your employees the choice. All of our corporate workwear and suits are designed to be both functional and comfortable, so your employees can focus on what’s important: business.

If you want to create an office uniform that really stands out, you can choose to print or embroider any of our suits and business wear separates. Whether you want to add a subtle logo or design a uniform that is instantly recognisable to your customers and clients, we can help you create a look that fits your brand perfectly. In addition to the range of colours, styles and fabrics we have on our website, we also offer a bespoke clothing option for a completely unique, one of a kind look.

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  1. Busso Mens Waistcoat
    1074 Busso Mens Waistcoat
    From £33.57 From £39.17
  2. Gamma Mens Waistcoat
    1094 Gamma Mens Waistcoat
    From £22.14 From £25.83
  3. Proteus Men's Waistcoat
    1449 Proteus Men's Waistcoat
    From £31.43 From £36.67
  4. Nice Men's Waistcoat
    1539 Nice Men's Waistcoat
    From £20.71 From £24.17
  5. Vancouver Chino Waistcoat
    1541 Vancouver Chino Waistcoat
    From £39.43 From £40.00
  6. Morning Suit Waistcoat
    1700 Morning Suit Waistcoat
    From £42.86 From £50.00
  7. Susa Tailored Fit Jacket
    2179 Susa Tailored Fit Jacket
    From £69.29 From £80.83
  8. Miranda Parallel Leg Trouser
    2181 Miranda Parallel Leg Trouser
    From £35.71 From £41.67
  9. Scapoli Ladies Waistcoat
    2200 Scapoli Ladies Waistcoat
    From £33.57 From £39.17
  10. Sigma Straight Skirt
    2221 Sigma Straight Skirt
    From £16.79 From £19.58
  11. Novara Tailored Fit Jacket
    2222 Novara Tailored Fit Jacket
    From £73.57 From £85.83
  12. Numana Straight Skirt
    2224 Numana Straight Skirt
    From £28.57 From £33.33
Filter Results

Items 1-16 of 127

Set Descending Direction