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Corporate Wear Ethics

Corporate Wear is a family owned business and we care about every person involved in the work we do. We understand the importance of working towards a more sustainable and ethical future and the role that we can play in it. That means that when you order garments from Corporate Wear, you can feel assured that you are buying from a company that strives to employ the highest ethical practices. We don’t just adhere to strict ethical guidelines within our own operations, but we expect the partners we work with to do the same too.

As a UK company, all our work and products adhere to UK standards. It doesn’t stop there, though. As a business, we understand that it is our responsibility to also go above and beyond standard practices to ensure everything we do is as ethical and sustainable as possible. From fair working conditions and employment rights to recycling practices, Corporate Wear strives to employ the highest possible ethical practices in every part of its business operations.

Our ethical trading policy

As a clothing supplier, we ask our manufactures to employ the following ethical standards across all the products we sell:

  • Free of child labour: we do not permit the employment of child labour in the manufacture of any of our products.
  • Fair wages: all our employees have to be rewarded at a fair level that enables them to provide for their families. In countries where wages are lower, salaries must still meet these standards.
  • Reducing impact on the environment: we constantly monitor our suppliers to ensure they are continuing to reduce their impact on the environment.
  • Fair labour practices: all our employees can expect a safe working environment and compassionate management as standard.

Industry standards

The products we sell comply with some of the strictest industry standards and are accredited by some of the leading industry standards organisations, including Oako-tex and Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production (WRAP).

This means our products, factories and employment practices are monitored to ensure they:

  • Are free of harmful substances at all stages of production.
  • Comply with laws and workplace regulations.
  • Are not manufactured under involuntary or forced labour.
  • Are not manufactured by any employee of compulsory school age or under the minimum legal age for such work.
  • Provide fair compensation and benefits.
  • Are free of harassment or abuse.
  • Meet legal limitations on hours of work.
  • Prohibit discrimination.
  • Meet high health and safety standards.
  • Comply with environmental rules and observe environmentally conscious practices.
  • Comply with customs laws.
  • Maintain facility security.

The brands we work with

We expect our partners to adhere to strict ethical standards. You can find out more about our partners, their values and the steps they take to ensure ethical trading in this PDF

Our in-house practices

At Corporate Wear, we are always actively working to make our operations as ethical and sustainable as possible. We do this in a number of ways:

  • When possible, we reuse any boxes we receive from our suppliers for customer deliveries or within the warehouse to cut back on waste.
  • We are moving away from suppliers who pack garments individually in plastic bags or use an unnecessary number of plastic clips in deliveries.
  • We are proactive in voicing our concerns around plastic use and waste with our suppliers and brands. As well as communicating our concerns, we encourage them to make positive changes in their own businesses.
  • We have recycling processes for all paper and cardboard.
  • We have moved some of our product ranges to garments made from recycled plastic bottles. So far, we have implemented this change on school blazers, ties and skirts.
  • All power sockets and unnecessary lighting on our premises are switched off when not being used.
  • Rather than being disposed of, we donate any spoiled or incorrect clothing to charity. Clothing is given to Change 1’s Life, a UK-based charity which helps people in need in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our clothing is distributed to orphanages, schools, underprivileged families and the homeless.