Performance Pants & Shorts

These styles are great for any sports team or club who take their training seriously. We have a mix of styles suitable for different needs. Call our office on 01844 220 500 if you need some help picking the right style for you.

Please add any items to your enquiry so we can tailor a quote for you. 

Click on a product below to view alternate colours and further information.

RG284 Regatta
Premium Base Leggings
Guide Price
£8.99 - £10.48

RH041 Ronhill
Pursuit Tight Pants
Guide Price
£18.50 - £21.58

SR171M Spiro
Sprint Pants
Guide Price
£14.21 - £16.58

SR174M Spiro
Sprint Training Shorts
Guide Price
£9.93 - £11.58

SR179M Spiro
Micro-Lite Team Pants
Guide Price
£13.21 - £17.08

SR183M Spiro
Micro-Lite Running Shorts
Guide Price
£8.56 - £9.98

SR187M Spiro
Padded Bikewear Shorts
Guide Price
£13.57 - £15.83

SR250M Spiro
Bodyfit Base Layer Shorts
Guide Price
£6.79 - £7.92

SR251M Spiro
Bodyfit Base Layer Leggings
Guide Price
£9.93 - £11.58

SR264 Spiro
Bikewear Off Road Shorts
Guide Price
£29.93 - £34.92

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