Corporate Branding – Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It

Corporate Branding – Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It!

Corporate Branding – Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It!

Creating a unique, suitable and streamlined corporate brand has made many companies very successful. Just think of Microsoft, Disney, Coca Cola and Virgin. Whatever their industry they know the importance of creating a corporate brand that is easily remembered and makes them stand out from their competitors.

Corporate branding isn’t simply about creating a new logo, choosing a colour scheme and ordering a new glossy brochure. Corporate branding can help to create a long term vision for a company. It can be used to implement goals and beliefs for employees and position your business as a leader in its field.   

Still unconvinced? We’ve created a list of some of the top benefits of having a corporate brand

  • Shows a commitment to presenting your business as a leader in your field – investing the time to create a brand shows your customers you are serious about your products and services and are here for the long haul.
  • Increases awareness about your product or service – whether your logo is featured on billboards, in magazine articles, on the side or vans or on your staff clothing, all of these situations will remind potential customers about your company. You’ll be at the forefront of their mind when it’s time for them to invest in your product or service. 
  • Creates credibility for your product of service – having a strong message and clear brand identity will give you credibility; people will take you and your business more seriously and believe in the services or products you are selling.
  • Familiarises consumers with your product or service – customers will start to recognise your company when they see your logo and brand, especially if it is appearing across multiple domains.
  • Creates brand loyalty – creating a strong and clear brand identity will not only increase awareness of your business but people are more likely to remember you and return as repeat customers and recommend you to people they know.
  • Makes you stand out from your competitors – having a memorable corporate image and brand which really encompasses the vision of your business will make you stand out from your competitors. Potential customers are more likely to remember you over a competitor and give you their business.
  • Employees will feel part of a team – creating a strong vision for your company and portraying this to your staff and making them part of the community will create a workforce that feel united.
  • Increases staff morale & productivity – employees that feel part of a committed and growing team will feel more positive about their job. It’s likely they’ll feel happier in their role which in turn will make their work more efficient and productive.

A strong and professional brand will build and maintain positive customer opinions and recognition for your company. Don’t let your company blend into the background. Create a corporate brand to help your business grow.

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