Festival survival guide for workers & festival goers

How to survive a festival! Essential tips for workers & party-goers!

festival survival

How to survive a festival! Essential tips for workers & party-goers!

Did you see any of the photos from Glastonbury? Another mud-fest! But a happy one by all accounts. So what can workers and festival-goers do to make their experience as enjoyable as possible? 

What you wear and bring with you, can really affect your enjoyment so here are our absolute top 10 must-haves!

  1. Baby wipes - they fulfill all manner of essential functions and could be your only means to get clean.
  2. Rucksack - you'll be walking a lot!
  3. Poncho - they not only look festival-y they serve a very important function: protection for you or your rucksack when the rains come! And they are tiny enough when folded, that if you don't need them, then you won't begrudge the space they take up!
  4. Wellies - consider using any extra space you might have for an extra pair of wellies: wet feet are the worst!
  5. Tent - the pop up ones are great because trying to erect a tent in mud is no fun - and they fold away very neatly so you don't have to be one of the people who leaves theirs behind. Mark yours so you can spot it easily! 
  6. Moneybelt - when you're dancing, sleeping and walking in crowds, you don't want to have to worry about where your money is. Comfortable money belts are designed to fit under your clothes and will help give you peace of mind.
  7. Phone hugger - this is a great piece of kit which means your phone is attached to you. So many smartphones struggle to fit in pockets these days... this is ideal!phone hugger
  8. Earplugs
  9. Suncream - because sometimes the sun comes out!
  10. Hat - be prepared to lose it, but hats can really make a festival outfit, and they are great element protection too!


I love ponchos - because not only are they cool, they keep you dry and they double as groundsheets. They come in red, sapphire, fuchsia, silver and more.



A hat can lift any outfit and instantly make you look more interesting. This trilby and cowboy hat are proper festival-goer headwear: just watch out because others WILL want them!

Trilby hat

Cowboy hat

Wear clothes that BREATHE

Ladies and gents: you're going to be dancing at some point, we hope. So make sure you keep your clothes simple and breathable. A good quality t-shirt (we have a HUGE selection) will allow your skin to breathe and t-shirts go with EVERYTHING you're likely to wear: skirts, shorts, jeans  - add wellies and your outfit is complete!

long sleeved t shirt

Stylish and simple - a colourful top that will look fab with denim... and wellies!

wicking t shirt

This men's t-shirt has superior moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties too: to help you stay cool and odour-free for longer!

Being a stallholder at a festival

If you're lucky enough to land yourself a stall at a festival, you're also going to want to be prepared with all of the above plus a lot more. The same rules apply of course, and keeping dry and clean are going to factor in hugely: especially as you'll be serving the public. Stallholders tend to have a more luxurious camping area with their own facillities. But you're still going to want to stand out: so get your poncho branded, or add a bold phrase to your polo shirt.

If you've got a team, make sure they all stand out too. Get their t-shirts printed and their caps branded!

TIP: write something on the BACK of their shirts too: people don't just see them coming towards them. Phrases like 'Follow me to xxx' work really well!

And most important of all: ENJOY yourself!


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