Top 10 essential tips on how to look good in a suit

How to look good in a suit

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Top 10 tips on how to look good in a suit!

1. For both men and women, the biggest thing to get right is the jacket shoulders: make sure they are no wider than your own shoulders!

2. To elongate your legs: women should choose a jacket with some detailing above the natural waistline.

3. Men, if you’d like to appear taller, avoid double-breasted jackets but make sure your jacket still covers your seat. A subtle vertical print such pinstripes can be effective too.

4. NO matter your shape, and whether you’re a man or woman, make sure your jacket is tapered at the waist.

5. The sleeve of your jacket should rest on your wrist bone.

6. Men, if you’re wearing pleated trousers, they should start from your natural waist. If you’re wearing flat fronted trousers, they should start a little lower.

7. Women, if you’re wearing a jacket and skirt: make sure the skirt is fitted, particularly if you’re on the shorter side. Make sure the skirt is either at the knee or three inches above it. Shorter women should avoid long skirts with jackets as this can be too much fabric, and aim for knee-length skirts.

8. Men, if you’d like to draw attention away from a bigger tummy, avoid buttoning over the top of your tummy: wear a jacket that buttons lower down.

9. Women, heels and suits go together: trying to pull off a smart suit without heels is nigh-on impossible!

10. The devil is in the detail: use a scarf, necklace, or earrings to draw the eye upwards. A peeping handkerchief in the breast pocket is a must-have detail for men in suits, and make sure belts and watches match or compliment each other in colour.

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