Why company uniforms are so important

Why company uniforms are so important

Why uniforms are important for your company

Why company uniforms are so important

Uniforms are a so positive in so many ways: they bring a cohesiveness to your team, they remove social bias, they make your company employees and your brand recognisable. BUT if you wore a school uniform when you were younger, do you remember the urge you had to make it ‘yours’ and to look a bit different from the next pupil?

That was especially true when the colours were pretty awful. I remember some poor schoolgirls down the road who had to wear a horrible shade of brown, with yellow socks: no one wanted to go to that school because of its uniform.

The positive was, we all knew which school they went to and we all knew the name too. It was a good school and the pupils always looked smart. There were the rebels of course, who tried to cover up their brown attire with 'illegal' coats, but you got that at all schools.

The benefits of having a uniform

  • Presents customers with a smart, cohesive team
  • Inspires clients with confidence
  • Employees feel part of a team 
  • Equality among employees 
  • United front 
  • Encourages pride in the company

Keep employees happy?

Any employer knows that keeping your employees happy is always going to be cost effective. You’re never going to please everyone, but uniforms that they can live with, that are of good quality and that look good, are going to help your team feel respected and a part of an organisation that cares about them.

The suits, tabards, waistcoats, skirts, trousers (and more!) we have are modern, good quality and fit well. They can also be branded, depending on what you're looking for: so please contact me with your requirements!

Healthcare tunics

These are incredibly popular: the tunics inspire confidence and are of course functional too. This is the Mens Darwin healthcare tunic. There is a selection available for men and women and in different colours. Printing and embroidery is available.

healthcare tunics


We have many different variations of suits for both men and women: with waistcoats, suit trousers, skirts, dresses: you name it! 


Hospitality uniforms

We have a wide range of chefwear and hospitality uniforms. 

hospitality uniforms

Chefwear zandana

Exhibition and promotional uniforms

Make sure you're smart and approachable: these exhibition clothes are great for promoting your brand and can be embroidered or printed with your own message.

Exhibition uniform ladies

Mens exhibition suit

If you would like to discuss your logo or branding requirements on any of our uniforms, please contact me

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