What to wear for running a marathon

What to wear to run a marathon

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What to wear to run a marathon!

26 miles: it's a long way to run. Give your body the best chance with a bit of forward planning, the right running gear, and plenty of training of course! 


Breathable shorts

You'll see these a lot: unisex microlite running shorts. They are extremely lightweight, water repellant, breathable and very popular with runners.

Spiro microlite running shorts

Shorts to prevent chafing

If your thighs meet when you run, you may find the shorter shorts don't suit you and cause chafing. Consider longer shorts to help overcome this.

Long sprint shorts

Fitted tops to prevent chafing & wick away moisture

Fitted tops help prevent nipple chafing: a serious problem for male long distance runners. The wicking properties of more fitted tops will be more effective too. 

running gear

The Spiro athletic vest top wicks way moisture, with comfortable neck and armholes and no loose neck label to chafe! 

London marathon wildlife trust elephant

The Gamegear Cooltex Sports Vest has moisture wicking fabric to allow you to stay cool, dry and comforable. The armholes are designed not to rub or cause chafing.

Loose tops

A looser top means there is less material in contact with the skin: preferred by many runners on hotter days. 

Just cool wicking t-shirt

The Awdis Just Cool wicking vest keeps moisture away from the skin with its neoetric wicking properties.

Sleeves or sleeveless?

Having fitted sleeves avoids chafing that could potentially be caused by sleeveless tops. These tops have anti-microbial properties to prevent odours and wick away moisture!

Ladies coolex t-shirt

With smooth hems, and a textured fabric that wicks away moisture, this Gamegear Cooltex T-shirt is a good choice for those who'd like to cover up a bit more.

SuperCool performance t-shirt

The Awdis Supercool Performance T-shirt has superior wicking properties, anti microbial powers, and the label tears out to avoid any discomfort!


And then of course there are the bibs: an essential for many charity running groups!

Polyester bib

The Anfield Bib

Lightweight polyester bib

The Proact bib

If you would like to discuss your logo or slogan requirements on any of our active range, please contact me. And GOOD LUCK for your run!

Victoria Morgan


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