Our top 5 Christmas gifts!

Our top 5 Christmas gifts!

Does your brand stand out

Our top 5 Christmas gifts!

Something thoughtful? Something they'll love? It's hard to think about what someone will want for Christmas. BUT there are a few things that can be given in total confidence...

After all, you can NEVER have enough comfy pants, stylish ties, colourful onesies (with a loving Christmas message on them?), warming beanies, and everyone can find a home for a funky Christmas jumper!

And on most of these items, you can write something funny, loving, crazy or even BRANDED if you'd like to!

Most popular gifts!


  • Gildan boxer shorts

    Pants!yes, pants. It's cliche but a good set of comfortable pants are a brilliant present. And they don't have to be boring! If you decide to give them in a more corporate sense, then you can of course brand them; or perhaps you'd be interested in something tongue-in-cheek? It's up to you! These pants can be printed or embroidered, we just need to make sure it's within the space available!

  • Nordic beanieHats and beanies – when a cold wind blows and the temperatures drop, your gift will be well worn and welcomed. Printing and embroidery is available and they come in a wide range of styles and colours

  • Christmas jumperChristmas jumpers – they only come out once a year but everyone loves a good Christmas jumper don't they? I don't know about you, but I always think of Mr Darcy in Bridget Jones... nothing wrong with that! Some of the jumpers can be personalised too, with a name or short message or even branded if that suits your purpose.

  • Children's onesieOnesies– ah the good old onesie! It's a failsafe; there are few things more relaxing than chilling out watching Christmas films after a slap up Christmas lunch. These come in a wide range of colours, for both children and adults, and you can also personalise or brand them as you'd like. Let us know what you'd like to do and we can work together to create the perfect Christmas gift!

  • Silk tiesTies – they're a bit like earrings - you can never really have enough of them apparently! We've got a wide range available and yes, you can personalise them or brand them if you'd like to. We often get asked for something subtle when it comes to embroidery because they make a great gift.

  • Canvas caseBags & cases – ok, so it's meant to be top 5 but I wanted to squeeze this one in too! So handy and this isn't my favourite phrase but there is 'something for pretty much everyone'! IPad cases, and holders, padded wallets for digital media, make up cases, personalised laptop cases - we've all got them and these can be embroidered or printed with whatever you like. These are great corporate gifts, but personalise them and they can also be thoughtful gifts for friends and family.


If you'd like any of these gifts in time for Christmas, please contact me now for a chat about what you need.


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