How to change your company logo- 24 October 2016

How to change your company logo

Does your brand stand out

How to change your company logo

When we merged Corporate Wear Ltd with Red Oak Roller Promotions, who offer clothing for universities, colleges, charities, and Red Oak Roller School Wear who provide clothing for schools and nurseries, we were presented with a number of challenges. One of them was how to represent the three brands under one umbrella.

Now that we're all under one roof, we can offer a huge range of clothing which can be printed, embroidered and branded. But how do we convey that to our existing and future customers? And how do we update the existing logos for each company, without losing the recognition those individual brands have already built up?

So we gave our designer Matthew Bates, a graphic designer based in Hornchurch, a brief...

The brief was to create an identity / brand that united the three companies that were merging but at the same time kept an individuality for each. Corporate Wear, Red Oak Roller and Red Oak School Wear all operate in the same industry but appeal to very different audiences. Corporate Wear (as the name suggests) provides, print and embroidery on uniforms and more formal clothing to businesses. Red Oak Roller provides a similar service predominantly for university teams, student clubs and charities and Red Oak School Wear supplies school uniforms. 

And here's how he did it...

  • What do you see as the biggest challenge when creating a new logo for an existing business? – The biggest challenge was to create an identity that worked for /appealed to all three (very different) customer types. There are pretty obvious visual cues that you might use in creating an identity for ’school wear’ say, i.e. a child’s handwriting or coloured pencils but this obviously wouldn’t appeal to to more serious Corporate Wear customers.

  • What did you have to take into consideration? – I had to take into account research that had done prior to briefing me. The team had identified identities and brands that they liked and respected. Also, the existing colour palette of the three companies had to be retained as they were deemed to be recognisable to their clients.

  • Where did you start? - The first thing I did was to sit down with the sketch book and do some brain storming and sketches to try and find a common theme that ran through the three businesses. I had a few ideas based around the fact they all deal with clothing, they all print clothing and they all do embroidery for clothing. I presented three options at the first stage to Victoria. We went through each of the ideas/thoughts and identified elements that were liked and things that should be dismissed. This was a useful meeting for both of us as I think it helped us focus on what was actually required. I took the feedback on board and set about creating a mark that was consistent in the way it looked but was formed of three individual elements. it was in the second stage that the new logo started to take shape. I presented around 8 different options at this stage with variations on the same theme. Three or so of the marks presented were selected by Victoria and Rowan to develop. By stage three, the logo as we know it now was pretty much in existence bar some fine tuning and this was identified from the three developed logos as the one that Rowan and Victoria wanted to take forward as their new identity.

  • How did you whittle down the logo ideas? – On the whole, the process for this job was quite straightforward. Victoria and Rowan were a pleasure to work with. As is often the case, the first stage is required to simply act as a talking point from which you can get some answers and some focus on what is actually required. Once I’d identified what it was that they actually required then the process ran smoothly with progress made at each stage.

  • Were there many changes as you went along? – As is always the case, there is quite a bit of tweaking along the way. As the designer, i try to push them with ideas that they probably hadn’t necessarily thought of. You often get pulled back and meet in the middle somewhere.

  • What do you think of the final logo? – I’m very happy with the end result as I think more importantly, the company is happy with it. I think it’s quite a simple device that answers the brief very well: the three ‘droplets’ do the job of representing the individual companies whilst at the same time show them as a whole by forming into the circle. I think that visually it’s engaging, modern and recognisable.


We are really happy with our new logo and branding; a huge thank you to Matthew for helping us achieve this. Hopefully the tips above will help you on your journey to change or update your company loogo. Contact us for a chat about your company’s corporate clothing needs and see how we can help you stand out.


WIN a delicious hamper!- 04 July 2016

WIN a delicious hamper!

stay cool in the workplace

WIN! A delicious hamper!

We're fast approaching our 15,000 order and to celebrate, we're going to be offering a hamper to order number 15,000! Who knows when it will be but order now and it could be YOU!

How about some of these?

As the summer's here (sort of!) perhaps you'd like some breathable polo shirts, from our performance range - all breathable fabrics that wick moisture away from the body.

performance polo shirt

Or are your workforce out in the sun? Then some caps are a must! Get them branded too and ensure word is spread about your business wherever your team venture! Other hats and caps are also available.

breathable cap

And when the sun does appear, a pair of these board shorts is always handy for days by the beach!


Or perhaps a skort?!


And when the rain inevitably comes down, a breathable waterproof jacket is such a welcome saviour!

breathable waterproof jacket

We have a HUGE range of workwear and uniform clothing and accessories available to view on our website. Enter now, (by ordering now) and good luck!


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Festival survival guide for workers & festival goers- 01 July 2016

How to survive a festival! Essential tips for workers & party-goers!

festival survival

How to survive a festival! Essential tips for workers & party-goers!

Did you see any of the photos from Glastonbury? Another mud-fest! But a happy one by all accounts. So what can workers and festival-goers do to make their experience as enjoyable as possible? 

What you wear and bring with you, can really affect your enjoyment so here are our absolute top 10 must-haves!

  1. Baby wipes - they fulfill all manner of essential functions and could be your only means to get clean.
  2. Rucksack - you'll be walking a lot!
  3. Poncho - they not only look festival-y they serve a very important function: protection for you or your rucksack when the rains come! And they are tiny enough when folded, that if you don't need them, then you won't begrudge the space they take up!
  4. Wellies - consider using any extra space you might have for an extra pair of wellies: wet feet are the worst!
  5. Tent - the pop up ones are great because trying to erect a tent in mud is no fun - and they fold away very neatly so you don't have to be one of the people who leaves theirs behind. Mark yours so you can spot it easily! 
  6. Moneybelt - when you're dancing, sleeping and walking in crowds, you don't want to have to worry about where your money is. Comfortable money belts are designed to fit under your clothes and will help give you peace of mind.
  7. Phone hugger - this is a great piece of kit which means your phone is attached to you. So many smartphones struggle to fit in pockets these days... this is ideal!phone hugger
  8. Earplugs
  9. Suncream - because sometimes the sun comes out!
  10. Hat - be prepared to lose it, but hats can really make a festival outfit, and they are great element protection too!


I love ponchos - because not only are they cool, they keep you dry and they double as groundsheets. They come in red, sapphire, fuchsia, silver and more.



A hat can lift any outfit and instantly make you look more interesting. This trilby and cowboy hat are proper festival-goer headwear: just watch out because others WILL want them!

Trilby hat

Cowboy hat

Wear clothes that BREATHE

Ladies and gents: you're going to be dancing at some point, we hope. So make sure you keep your clothes simple and breathable. A good quality t-shirt (we have a HUGE selection) will allow your skin to breathe and t-shirts go with EVERYTHING you're likely to wear: skirts, shorts, jeans  - add wellies and your outfit is complete!

long sleeved t shirt

Stylish and simple - a colourful top that will look fab with denim... and wellies!

wicking t shirt

This men's t-shirt has superior moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties too: to help you stay cool and odour-free for longer!

Being a stallholder at a festival

If you're lucky enough to land yourself a stall at a festival, you're also going to want to be prepared with all of the above plus a lot more. The same rules apply of course, and keeping dry and clean are going to factor in hugely: especially as you'll be serving the public. Stallholders tend to have a more luxurious camping area with their own facillities. But you're still going to want to stand out: so get your poncho branded, or add a bold phrase to your polo shirt.

If you've got a team, make sure they all stand out too. Get their t-shirts printed and their caps branded!

TIP: write something on the BACK of their shirts too: people don't just see them coming towards them. Phrases like 'Follow me to xxx' work really well!

And most important of all: ENJOY yourself!


Stay cool in the workplace: tips for not getting too hot under the collar!- 08 June 2016

Stay cool in the workplace: tips for not getting too hot under the collar!

stay cool in the workplace

Stay cool in the workplace: tips for not getting too hot under the collar!

It's wonderful to see the sun and get that lift it gives you when you're on the way to work. We all perspire but it's a bit of a taboo subject. When you're in the workplace, you really don't want to have to be distracted from your work because you're getting hot under the collar. 

What you wear can make a huge difference, of course, and so can:

  • Not eating foods high in salt - the body sweats to get rid of sodium, so keep it to a minimum. 
  • Reducing alcohol and spicy foods: they can make you sweat more.
  • Caffeine can increase sweat production so cut down to stay cooler.
  • Applying antiperspirant deodorant when you're not already sweaty, is more effective. 
  • When you're in urgent need of deodorant but haven't got one to hand, try a lemon (presuming that's easier to get hold of)! Its juice applied directly to the skin, will neutralise odours.

Choose sweat-friendly colours

Some colours are much worse than others at revealing excessive sweat. If you're worried about others realising just how hot you are, disguise it. White, very light colours, black, navy and and very dark colours are all good at hiding sweat patches. Avoid pinks, greens, greys, blues and bright colours.

Go lightweight!

The traditional advice is to dress in cotton and natural fibres. Lightweight cotton is one of the most airy fabrics around. It's a natural fibre, so it absorbs moisture which is ideal when you're in an office environment.  These cotton poloshirts are a popular staple, and these lightweight t-shirts, made from 100% cotton are fantastic too. 

Lightweight t-shirt

Stay cool in waistcoats

Depending on your dress code, waistcoats are a much more suitable option for summer than suit jackets. Your armpits remain free, so you could wear a lightweight cotton blouse underneath which allows airflow. 


Wick away moisture

Polyester has come a very long way. And now there are many variations, with blends that offer varying degrees of moisture wicking as well as antibacterial properties. Polyester holds onto about 0.4 percent of moisture, whereas cotton holds onto 7 percent. Wicking fabrics are woven so that moisture is forced through the gaps and is wicked to the fabric surface so that it can evaporate more easily. 

  • Polos – The more breathable option for polos are polyester and polyester/cotton mix polos. Polos such as this DryBlend polo shirt are designed to wick away moisture from the skin; allowing the wearer to stay dry and cool. I really like these 

    Henbury CoolPlus polo shirt

  • Breathable Shirts - And one of my favourite recent developments is breathable shirts. These moisture wicking shirts only became available last year and they are brilliant. They look smart and they keep you cool and comfortable; ideal for hospitality, whether it's a restaurant, hotel or cafe. Just take a look

    Henbury Long sleeved wicking shirt

  • SoftShell Jackets – If budgets allow, these soft shell jackets are smarter and more popular than fleeces. Some are also waterproof which is very useful; it means you don’t need a fleece plus another waterproof layer in order to keep dry. I think they look so much more stylish too.

Breathable hats

Traditionally, the ‘breathable’ option was cotton, but cotton doesn’t wick away moisture so well. The good news is that some new fabrics can help conceal perspiration and are more pleasant to wear. 

  • Breathable caps – If you wear a cap already, consider changing to a breathable one. These look great and have brilliant wicking properties, and just imagine what that can do for hat hair.

    Moisture wicking cap


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10 unbelievable facts about the Tour de France- 06 June 2016

10 unbelievable facts about the Tour de France

10 unbelievable facts about the Tour de France

1 The Tour de France was first held in 1903 as a publicity stunt to help promote sales of a newspaper: "L'Auto". This was actually a general sports magazine which also covered cycling: not something that's reflected in its title! It was originally called "L'Auto-Velo" but the name was too similar to its rival newspaper, "Le Velo", and so the Parisian courts ruled that the name be changed.

The cycle race was suggested by a writer on the magazine, to help improve sales. And it was a success: circulation leapt from 25,000 to 65,000 after the first race in 1903. Sales increased year on year, reaching 854,000 in 1933.

2 It's thought that the well-known yellow jersey (given to the cyclist with the shortest race time over all stages), was introduced in 1919. And the reason for it being yellow? The rival newspaper, "Le Velo" was printed on green paper, so "L'Auto" was printed on yellow! 

3 Tour De France cyclists used to smoke in order to "open" their lungs. It has been said that riders also used to fill their water bottles with wine! Alcohol was seen as a performance booster. 

"Go on mate, have a puff and you'll feel better"

4 A LOT of cheating used to go on... the nighttime ride was stopped after the second year (1904) because passions ran high and riders were getting beaten up by rival fans under the cover of darkness.

5 The race was nearly cancelled in 1904 because cyclists caught trains and cars in order to finish ahead of the pack. 13 Riders were disqualified, including the first four who made it across the finish line. Even the eventual winner (he orignally came in 5th, and was actually the youngest ever winner at 19) recieved a warning! 

6 Cyclists used to take all sorts of things to help their performance. In 1924, infamous professional cyclist Henri Pelissier won the Tour De France. He later revealed to a journalist the way cyclists kept going: "Cocaine for our eyes and chloroform for our gums."

7 The green jersey, known as 'malliot vert' is the sprinter's jersey. It was introduced in 1953 for the 50th anniversary and it was green because the race was sponsored by a lawnmower manufacturer. It is awarded to the rider who has gained the most points for sprints. 

8 The polka dot jersey is given to the "King of the Mountains" rider. It's known as the 'maillot à pois rouges' (the jersery of red peas!) in French. It is thought to originate from the packaging used on a chocolate product that sponsors, Poulain Chocolate, produced. Richard Virenque, one of the most popular riders, now retired, has won this jersey seven times! 

9 Taking part in the Tour De France burns serious calories: the average rider burns 127,491 calories over the course of the 21 day race. To compare: the average male burns about 2000 calories a day, that's just 42,000 over the same number of days.

10 The majority of cyclists who race are very slim, but there was one man called Magnus Backstedt who got the nickname "Big Maggy" as he weighed 94kg! He was the heaviest cyclist who ever competed. The lightest rider who took part in the Tour De France was Leonardo Piepoli. He weighed 57.kgs.

Looking for your own sports and activewear? We have a wonderful selection of breathable tops, shorts and jackets available.


Top 10 essential tips on how to look good in a suit- 30 March 2016

How to look good in a suit

Does your brand stand out

Top 10 tips on how to look good in a suit!

1. For both men and women, the biggest thing to get right is the jacket shoulders: make sure they are no wider than your own shoulders!

2. To elongate your legs: women should choose a jacket with some detailing above the natural waistline.

3. Men, if you’d like to appear taller, avoid double-breasted jackets but make sure your jacket still covers your seat. A subtle vertical print such pinstripes can be effective too.

4. NO matter your shape, and whether you’re a man or woman, make sure your jacket is tapered at the waist.

5. The sleeve of your jacket should rest on your wrist bone.

6. Men, if you’re wearing pleated trousers, they should start from your natural waist. If you’re wearing flat fronted trousers, they should start a little lower.

7. Women, if you’re wearing a jacket and skirt: make sure the skirt is fitted, particularly if you’re on the shorter side. Make sure the skirt is either at the knee or three inches above it. Shorter women should avoid long skirts with jackets as this can be too much fabric, and aim for knee-length skirts.

8. Men, if you’d like to draw attention away from a bigger tummy, avoid buttoning over the top of your tummy: wear a jacket that buttons lower down.

9. Women, heels and suits go together: trying to pull off a smart suit without heels is nigh-on impossible!

10. The devil is in the detail: use a scarf, necklace, or earrings to draw the eye upwards. A peeping handkerchief in the breast pocket is a must-have detail for men in suits, and make sure belts and watches match or compliment each other in colour.

Need some suits for yourself or your workforce? We have a fantastic selection!

Please get in touch with your requirements!


Why company uniforms are so important- 29 February 2016

Why company uniforms are so important

Why uniforms are important for your company

Why company uniforms are so important

Uniforms are a so positive in so many ways: they bring a cohesiveness to your team, they remove social bias, they make your company employees and your brand recognisable. BUT if you wore a school uniform when you were younger, do you remember the urge you had to make it ‘yours’ and to look a bit different from the next pupil?

That was especially true when the colours were pretty awful. I remember some poor schoolgirls down the road who had to wear a horrible shade of brown, with yellow socks: no one wanted to go to that school because of its uniform.

The positive was, we all knew which school they went to and we all knew the name too. It was a good school and the pupils always looked smart. There were the rebels of course, who tried to cover up their brown attire with 'illegal' coats, but you got that at all schools.

The benefits of having a uniform

  • Presents customers with a smart, cohesive team
  • Inspires clients with confidence
  • Employees feel part of a team 
  • Equality among employees 
  • United front 
  • Encourages pride in the company

Keep employees happy?

Any employer knows that keeping your employees happy is always going to be cost effective. You’re never going to please everyone, but uniforms that they can live with, that are of good quality and that look good, are going to help your team feel respected and a part of an organisation that cares about them.

The suits, tabards, waistcoats, skirts, trousers (and more!) we have are modern, good quality and fit well. They can also be branded, depending on what you're looking for: so please contact me with your requirements!

Healthcare tunics

These are incredibly popular: the tunics inspire confidence and are of course functional too. This is the Mens Darwin healthcare tunic. There is a selection available for men and women and in different colours. Printing and embroidery is available.

healthcare tunics


We have many different variations of suits for both men and women: with waistcoats, suit trousers, skirts, dresses: you name it! 


Hospitality uniforms

We have a wide range of chefwear and hospitality uniforms. 

hospitality uniforms

Chefwear zandana

Exhibition and promotional uniforms

Make sure you're smart and approachable: these exhibition clothes are great for promoting your brand and can be embroidered or printed with your own message.

Exhibition uniform ladies

Mens exhibition suit

If you would like to discuss your logo or branding requirements on any of our uniforms, please contact me

Victoria Morgan


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What to wear for running a marathon- 22 February 2016

What to wear to run a marathon

Does your brand stand out

What to wear to run a marathon!

26 miles: it's a long way to run. Give your body the best chance with a bit of forward planning, the right running gear, and plenty of training of course! 


Breathable shorts

You'll see these a lot: unisex microlite running shorts. They are extremely lightweight, water repellant, breathable and very popular with runners.

Spiro microlite running shorts

Shorts to prevent chafing

If your thighs meet when you run, you may find the shorter shorts don't suit you and cause chafing. Consider longer shorts to help overcome this.

Long sprint shorts

Fitted tops to prevent chafing & wick away moisture

Fitted tops help prevent nipple chafing: a serious problem for male long distance runners. The wicking properties of more fitted tops will be more effective too. 

running gear

The Spiro athletic vest top wicks way moisture, with comfortable neck and armholes and no loose neck label to chafe! 

London marathon wildlife trust elephant

The Gamegear Cooltex Sports Vest has moisture wicking fabric to allow you to stay cool, dry and comforable. The armholes are designed not to rub or cause chafing.

Loose tops

A looser top means there is less material in contact with the skin: preferred by many runners on hotter days. 

Just cool wicking t-shirt

The Awdis Just Cool wicking vest keeps moisture away from the skin with its neoetric wicking properties.

Sleeves or sleeveless?

Having fitted sleeves avoids chafing that could potentially be caused by sleeveless tops. These tops have anti-microbial properties to prevent odours and wick away moisture!

Ladies coolex t-shirt

With smooth hems, and a textured fabric that wicks away moisture, this Gamegear Cooltex T-shirt is a good choice for those who'd like to cover up a bit more.

SuperCool performance t-shirt

The Awdis Supercool Performance T-shirt has superior wicking properties, anti microbial powers, and the label tears out to avoid any discomfort!


And then of course there are the bibs: an essential for many charity running groups!

Polyester bib

The Anfield Bib

Lightweight polyester bib

The Proact bib

If you would like to discuss your logo or slogan requirements on any of our active range, please contact me. And GOOD LUCK for your run!

Victoria Morgan


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WIN 10 branded polo shirts!- 03 February 2016

WIN 10 embroidered polo shirts!

Win branded polo shirts

Win 10 embroidered polo shirts!

Enter our competition to win 10 classic pique polo shirts embroidered with your own logo! The shirts will bear your chosen logo on the left chest.

To enter, simply Like our Facebook page and comment on the competition post! It's that simple! 

 Victoria Morgan


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How to buy gifts for staff and clients- 30 November 2015

How to buy gifts for staff and clients

Does your brand stand out

How to buy gifts for staff and clients

You want to thank your team amd your staff in some way... so what do you buy them for Christmas? How about a dual-purpose gift? Stylish gloves? Attractive scarves with your company branding subtly embroidered onto them? We've selected a range of items that make thoughtful gifts, and can also be branded or personalised as you'd like...

Keep them warm and happy!


  • Onesie

    Onesie with a message!A really fun gift: everyone loves a onesie! And you can have your own Christmas message or subtle logo, too! Make it something they'll be happy to wear!

  • Chunky bardot scarfScarves – I really like this chunky bardot scarf: it's made of soft spun acrylic and has sparkly thread running through it. Again, it can be embroidered so your recipient will always remember you...!

  • Smart glovesSmart gloves – It's hard to go wrong with a gift like this: not only will you help keep your team warm, but you'll make them more efficient too!

  • polartherm blanketBlanket – one for their home: no one can have too many blankets and this one is pill resistant, quick drying with natural contrast stitched edging. 

  • Corporate umbrellaUmbrella – keep staff and clients dry, and tell the world about your business too: we couldn't leave the humble umbrella off the list! 


If you'd like any of these gifts in time for Christmas, please contact me now for a chat about what you need.


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