Uniform Advice

Uniform Advice

Choosing the right staff uniforms is more important today than ever before. It conveys so much about your organisation and brand, and gives an immediate impression of credibility. At Corporate Wear we are always happy to discuss the best corporate uniforms for your team, and would normally advise as follows:

  • Cost v quality: It’s always better to opt for higher quality fabrics as they will last longer, wash more successfully and in the end provide much better value for money.

  • Colours: It’s very difficult to match colours across different garments, fabrics and brands. So bear this in mind when choosing your colours.

  • Fabric: If your garments are going to be subject to frequent wearing and washing, then think about opting for a more durable fabric such as polycotton. This is less likely to fade or shrink.

  • Styles: Consider styles carefully. Will it suit most of your staff? Will it reflect the correct image for your company or organisation? There are certain shirts & blouses and suits that come in different styles and fits which may make it easier to meet your staffs requirements. Ask our sales team about these particular ranges.
  • Sizing: Make sure the garment covers the size range you need for your staff. Once a choice has been made make sure all staff members measure themselves correctly - click here to view our sizing guidelines.
  • Printing and embroidery: Always consider what is best for your logo and the garment: you can find out more on our printing and embroidery page or ask our sales team for advice.
  • Samples and trialling: Depending on the size of your company it may be appropriate to form a group from different departments to evaluate samples.
  • Number of garments: Make sure you purchase enough garments for the working week. We usually recommend for suits and outerwear garments (fleeces, hoodies, knitwear) one on, one ready and one in the wash, and 3-5 blouses or shirts for staff at the minimum. Whilst cost is very important, skimping on quantities at the start may save money upfront but is likely to prove more costly in the long term in replacing worn items more frequently.
  • After care: Investing in quality garments means nothing if your staff don't look after the garments correctly. Make sure all staff members are aware of the care instructions for each garment and adhere to them. There are a few general rules we would advise following:
  1. Hand wash if the product states so. If you can use a washing machine then make sure you - 
  2. Wash like colours together
  3. Wash suits separately
  4. Do not overload the machine
  5. Remove quickly from the machine after the cycle has finished
  6. Hang to dry naturally.
  7. Do not over wash; this can cause premature wearing.
  8. For suits iron using a cool iron over a damp cloth, to avoid shining.
  9. Always hang garments on a good fitting hanger at the end of the day.
  10. For suit garments we advise rotating garments even if you aren't washing them after that day.

For more information on our products for different market sectors, please click on our search by industry page.

Remember, Corporate Wear is always happy to help. If you need any advice on our products or services, please call us on 01844 220 500 or email us on enquiries@corporatewearltd.co.uk

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